• infinity

    ر.ع. 14.00 ر.ع. 11.20

    A fragrance based on the scent of Indian vetiver and cashmeran flower with red berries. As for the heart of the perfume, the violet flower mixes with the woody oud and the scent of leather to give the perfume a refreshing scent. The top note begins with saffron diluted with jasmine flower and refreshing grapefruit.

  • Perfume collection

    ر.ع. 35.00 ر.ع. 28.00

    La collection privee; collection of tilmar perfumes ♾ 🎵 ➕ ~ in a luxurious gift box. The perfect gift for your loved ones or for your perfume collection

  • plus

    ر.ع. 14.00 ر.ع. 11.20

    A soft, attractive fragrance for patchouli lovers coated with the luxurious golden Agarwood, the fragrance revolves around the warm citrusy floral scent and begins with a sting of pink pepper and mandarin, while the heart of the fragrance is a mixture of rose and cedar flower.

    The fragrance is based on a base of sandalwood, Oud wood and patchouli

  • rhythm

    ر.ع. 14.00 ر.ع. 11.20

    A fragrance based on Agarwood, Amber and musk with an aromatic mid-tone of rose mixed with leather and topped off with spicy notes of pepper and tonka beans to make this perfume a tilmar best seller

  • twist

    ر.ع. 14.00 ر.ع. 11.20

    A fragrance overflowing with boldness, topped by a refreshing citrusy fruity scent, which quietly paves the way to the scents of amber and oud, and precedes a lively harmony of musk and woody notes

  • All-in-one box

    ر.ع. 20.00 ر.ع. 16.00

    All-in-one box; which contains a Perfume, Bu5oor and Luban in a luxurious gift box